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  • Colegio Bilingüe Cuscatlán’s infrastructure was inspired and built to be a high standard quality institution and serve in welcoming spaces, designed with excellent illumination and ventilation, with wide Greenland and a comfortable environment for students to obtain a good learning atmosphere. In the school area 80% of the trees have been kept.

  • The school also counts with a science lab, a computer lab, multipurpose room, music and art center, a pool, two well-conditioned libraries to incentive the reading habit, a nurse to assist first aid, a psychologist, a pedagogical kitchen in the kindergarten area, for students to learn healthy habits since first instances and for them to practice independent patterns from a short age.

  • Assignments are conducted in the class schedule from K-3 to 6th grade, this way families have an appropriate amount of time to share at home and students can have a better union in extracurricular activities offered.

  • We impart unique didactic methodologies, the first of them “Creando Mundos de Aprendizaje” (introduction to science through meaningful experiences) the second one “Los juegos de la Unidad” (fun strategies to practice values).

  • Colegio Bilingüe Cuscatlán maintains an effective, preventive and motivational communication with parents, and this is why each teacher has an assigned blog for families to know the academic activities and projects carried out by the students.

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