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Exit profile for spanish subjects.

Students should be able to recognize the author´s purpose and Literary elements, recognize graphics, diagrams, and time lines.

Los estudiantes deben de reconocer el propósito de un autor y los elementos literarios, deben de reconocer gráficas, diagramas and líneas de tiempo.

Students should be able to read and comprehend extensively. In the Science area they are expected to know the interactions of living beings and the natural resources. They’re also expected to have a complete knowledge on several computer systems. Demonstrate knowledge of algebraic expressions and the variables of an equation. Students should be able to analyze daily life situations and Literary pieces of work. Hydrography, weather changes and vegetation.

Have the practice of several sports disciplines. Know the basic grounds of Art history and being exposed to create pieces of art as well as to have the music practice through an instrument.

Exit profile for english subjects.

By the end of Elementary School students will be able to develop proficiency in the four domains regarding the English language – reading, writing, speaking, and listening. They will respond thoughtfully to print, non-print, and electronic content in both oral and written form. Students will use the writing process to create and develop stories, essays, and poems. In addition, they will read to comprehend and to enjoy. Furthermore, students will solve mathematical problems and apply them to real-life situations.

They will also relate geometric ideas to numbers and measurement ideas. As equally important, students will use conventions in grammar correctly when applying the parts of speech. At the same time, students will be able to demonstrate a solid understanding of what being a good citizen means as well as the interaction between living things and the environment and taking care of nature.

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