Academic Levels

Junior High

Exit profile for spanish subjects.

Students are expected to have a wide knowledge in applying the use of technology in all areas of academic work. Possess advanced knowledge of the French Language as a third form of communication in the four macro abilities. Be able to create investigative projects. Know the Salvadoran history and Salvadoran and Latin American Literary works of outstanding writers. Have basic musical abilities. Know the history of Arts in all its competences and have experienced the different processes of creativity through art. Mathematical and Algebraic knowledge as well as Natural Science areas. Students must have experienced and practiced several sport disciplines such as swimming, basketball, soccer and volleyball.

CBC students will be able to analyze, make proposals, create projects based on life experiences that will lead them to decision making with tangible results.

Exit profile for english subjects.

By the end of Junior High students will be able to demonstrate understanding of different literary genres. They will communicate effectively as writers, listeners, and speakers. They will also be able to conduct efficient research to produce the expected results. Moreover, students will exemplify logical reasoning to construct valid arguments and illustrate real-world circumstances with a variety of problem-solving strategies. In addition, they will demonstrate appropriate use of the Internet as a means to acquire information. Students will describe how science has influenced cultures and societies and prove the ability to create a hypothesis and validate it. Consequently, they will apply critical thinking of history and science to decide on controversial matters and develop judgment on personal choices and its effect on their environment. Altogether, students will certainly exhibit the necessary skills to engage in conversation with native speakers of English.

Daily Schedule

Level Entrance Dismissal
Junior High 7:30 a.m. 03:20 p.m.

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