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Human resources management defines the mechanisms to select, identify and attract the best candidates to operate the profile´s position. Professionally hires, evaluates, forms, incentives and  develops the whole staff.

Manage the harmony and the organizational environment is of utmost importance to maintain an exceptional school and work climate. The endorsement of the vision, mission and institutional values, a trusting environment and cooperation within all the ones involved, constitute some of the marks the institution utilizes to favor the motivation and compromise of all the educative community’s representatives.

Therefore, if teachers develop a sense of identity towards the school’s values and generate relationships based on respect and cooperation, this will positively impact their performance and consequently their students.

In Colegio Bilingüe Cuscatlán we have accepted the responsibility of permanently evaluating the professional development of all teachers and to provide opportune and adequate feedback to improve pedagogic practices. To accomplish our mission, we believe in a capability management system based on academic excellence adapted in an amicable environment, using class observation and formative evaluation frequently on teachers, coordinators and administrative staff.

We possess an annual formative plan for our workforce in order to reinforce their capabilities and strengthen skills and knowledge; we also count with a continuous professional development plan. We also encourage and support self-learning and permanent research to enlarge knowledge.

One of the most relevant management areas of human resources is the retribution policy to a good professional progress or development and the added value that the personnel provide to the institution. Generally, when making reference to incentives, the concept is delimited to monetary retributions only. Nonetheless, there are out of the ordinary factors that are considered as incentives of great value to teachers, such as public recognition for their work and for assuming responsibilities hand in hand with other teachers, stimulating the creativity and teamwork, assigning funds to projects designed and implemented by them.


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