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In Colegio Bilingüe Cuscatlán we consider that one of the best ways to offer high standard quality is by keeping up with progress, investigation and innovation in all of our institution’s areas.

This is why we have incorporated different active methodologies and innovative tools such as:

1. Cooperative learning: teaching methodology that initiates in the organization of the class in heterogeneous groups where students jointly work in a coordinate way, to solve academic tasks and deepen their knowledge. Learning structures are constructed which enhance the participation of each integrant member of the group.

2. Learning based on projects: this is a teaching proposal that allows reaching educative objectives parting from the students’ interests. with a goal-oriented planning, problem solution, and result reasoning where students construct their own learning.

3. Integration of informative technologies and communication: where students work with technological resources, given that all classrooms are equipped with boards and smart projectors, which contributes the teaching development, strengthening critical and creative thinking based on multiple intelligences.

4. Model 70, 20, 10: each person is a protagonist of their own learning and the necessary interactions to learn from each other are also obtained; this is a model that teaches students to open spaces of socialization to ask, debate or collaborate based on the theory fundaments previously acquired.

These active methodologies, make all the subjects merge in a harmonious way into a meaningful learning for students, having as a result independent, competitive leaders and entrepreneur students.

Our Academic Offer

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