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To be an educational community that contributes to the forming of integral persons, aspiring for them to be future country leaders with a competitive mentality and with entrepreneur vision, in order for them to contribute making a more just world and with a more humane social conscience.


To guide students, together with the educative community, in order for them to be highly effective and analytical persons, granting an excellent bilingual academic formation, with solid moral, ethical, scientific, civic and ecological values for them to respond successfully to the challenges presented in a globalized world.


To fundament the bilingual academic formation of our students by implementing values and moral principles in the development of each individual, so that they can be capable of acting as a change agent in society and to contribute in the conservation of natural resources.

Our educative institution must differentiate as a result of having committed, humanist, congruent, unified, thorough and competitive staff; they must deliver an innovative and visionary cheer, apply educative and high-end technologies and rely on quality models to reach results filled with excellency; this institution is immersed in a wish for thriving and for permanent growth; concerned for development and quality of life. With a distinguished interpersonal relationship style that allows to transfer in a welcoming environment; with joy (principles and values) that characterize us, and which grants us to accomplish social responsibility; an institution beneficiated with a pedagogic model that allows students to reach a world class profile.

Our Values

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