9th graders presented their statements on the topic “How Geography affects people”.  To this end, they investigated the early Indian empires and how they came to be formed. They presented how before the Mauryan Empire, the Indian subcontinent was fragmented into hundreds of kingdoms that were ruled by powerful regional chiefs who engaged in warfare using their small armies. additionally, they explained how they developed into governments.
They did finally came to the conclusion that depending on where people settle because of the natural resources, and how these come to be managed, it makes the empire weaker or stronger.  Th e first to unify the area was Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the Maurya Empire, successfully seized control of Magadha. He started on the outskirts and eventually made his way to the heart of the kingdom. Eventually, he gained control of northwestern India and Bactria—what is today Afghanistan and was at that time controlled by the Greeks. Chandragupta Maurya successfully unified the Indian subcontinent under an empire